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    Kurobas Late Night Messages


Kuroko: Are you still awake? Please take care of your body.
Kagami: Still up? You should quickly go to bed.
Kise: You’re still awake? It’ll be tough if you don’t sleep!
Midorima: If you don’t sleep properly, you won’t be able to do all that you can.
Aomine: You’re awake? I’m gonna sleep, so don’t wake me up.
Murasakibara: You’re still up? Do you wanna read manga together?
Akashi: Are you still awake? You need sleep.
Hanamiya: You’re awake… Don’t break yourself before I break you.
Hyuuga: If you don’t sleep, it’s gonna be tough tomorrow.
Kasamatsu: You’re still awake at this hour? Make sure you practice in moderation, alright?
Miyaji: You’re still up? If you don’t sleep now, I’m gonna run you over!
Imayoshi: Still awake? You’ll be tired tomorrow.
Alex: Still awake? It’ll only be stressful tomorrow if you don’t sleep!

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    Izuki and Midorima clips

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    KnB S2 Vol.5 feat. Izuki


Izuki asks Hyuuga to accompany him to a cute sparkly store to buy a birthday gift for his little sister. They run into Midorima and Takao who are there to buy Midorima’s lucky item, Sparkly Komachi-chan Rainbow Mascara. They hang out at Maji Burger afterwards, talk about little sisters, and Midorima doesn’t get Izuki’s puns.

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HAHAHAHAHAHA :))) Izuki !!!!

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